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IB: Fresh Ideas: Twitter-style evangelism
I’m learning to Tweet. It’s amazing what can be said in 140 characters—just a sentence or two. Snippets of info can be motivating. Informative. Inspiring. Captivating.

Now imagine what would happen if you decide to speak a Tweet-sized word about God in everyday conversations with people around you. Just a sentence or two about God’s greatness, the joy He gives, or what He’s doing in your life.

I once worked in a high-rise building. I decided to share a word about Jesus each time I had an elevator conversation. It was surprisingly easy. With just a little forethought, it became a natural part of every chat. I’d become an elevator evangelist!

Webster defines an evangelist as an “enthusiastic advocate.” In Greek, evangelism means, “to tell the Good News.” God has called every Christian to enthusiastically advocate His Good News. You can do that.

Step #1:  Read the idea-starters below. Where does life take you where you can be an enthusiastic advocate for Jesus? Create a unique evangelistic title that fits your lifestyle.

  • I walk my dog. I’m a dog-walking evangelist to other dog-lovers and neighbors.
  • I take breaks at work. I’m a water cooler evangelist to co-workers.
  • I’m an athlete. I’m a jogger evangelist to fellow athletes, coaches, volunteers.
  • I fly for business or pleasure. I’m an airplane evangelist to seatmates and flight attendants.
  • I love to shop. I’m a mall evangelist to salespeople and shoppers.
  • I’m a foodie. I’m a restaurant evangelist to servers and fellow eaters.
  • I volunteer at my child’s school. I’m a PTA evangelist to teachers and other moms.
  • I use Facebook or blog or tweet. I’m a social media evangelist to followers and friends.
  • I watch my kids’ ball games. I’m a bleacher evangelist to fans and team parents.
  • I’m in a club (garden, book, community, red hat). I’m a book club evangelist to other members.
  • I’m in a league or sports group. I’m a golfing evangelist to teammates.
  • I’m a new mom. I’m in stroller evangelism to moms and neighbors.
  • I’m homebound. I’m a postal carrier evangelist, medical team evangelist, note-writing evangelist.
  • I ride public transportation. I’m in subway evangelism to fellow riders.
  • I drive kids to school and events. I’m a carpool evangelist to their friends.
  • I get haircuts. Manicures. Spray tans. I’m a salon evangelist to my stylist.
  • I go to doctor appointments. I’m a waiting room evangelist to the person nearby.
  • I work out at the gym. I’m a stair-stepper evangelist to an adjacent exerciser.

Step #2: Ponder. Write a sentence [140 characters or less] that you may use. Example: Asked about your weekend, you say, “The worship service at church was awesome,” or “Without God, I couldn’t have made it!”

Step #3: Commit to God that you’ll be his verbal witness every day, beginning today.

To facilitate a small group discussion about this fresh idea, lead individuals to make their own evangelist nametag, i.e. “I’m a skateboarding evangelist” to wear while brainstorming ways to share Christ.

People you see every day are waiting to hear how God impacts your life. Consistently and intentionally talk about Him – even in Tweet-ish snippets. You’ll be amazed how often your faith in God fits into ordinary conversation.

So, where are you going today? That’s where God has assigned you as His enthusiastic advocate.

Diana Davis (www.keeponshining.com) is an author, speaker and wife of the North American Mission Board's vice president for the Midwest region, Steve Davis.

Last Published: October 4, 2012 5:02 PM
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