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IB: ‘Choose2’ goes beyond Illinois borders

Springfield | More than 200 churches in Illinois, and congregations in at least 12 other states, have signed on for Choose2, a prayer evangelism strategy created by IBSA’s Tim Sadler.

“I have been incredibly humbled that God would use Choose2 to this extent,” Sadler said. “To God be the glory.”

The Choose2 challenge asks participants to choose two unsaved friends or family members, and pray for them twice a day. People in Illinois have prayed to receive Christ after someone prayed for them through Choose2, and Sadler’s e-mail inbox tells the story of how the initiative is making a difference outside Illinois as well:

  • A small church in Alabama wants to use Choose2 in their congregation.
  • A church in Kentucky ordered 700 Choose2 wristbands after someone learned about the initiative from Illinois Baptists visiting relatives in the neighboring state.
  • A North Carolina pastor, visiting friends in Illinois, heard the conversion story of a woman who came to faith because someone prayed for her through Choose2. Now, he wants to take the initiative back home.
  • And a church in Kansas requested Choose2 resources after a new member, recently arrived from Mississippi, told his church about the strategy, which is part of his former church’s evangelism strategy.

Baptist conventions in Indiana, Minnesota-Wisconsin and Ohio also have adopted a form of Choose2 to use as they reach out to unchurched people in their states.

Back in Illinois, many are still praying for the people they had in mind when they first put on a Choose2 wristband. Sadler encouraged pray-ers to ask themselves how they can further engage the people they’re praying for in a relationship that will lead to Gospel conversations.

And, “Don’t stop praying, because God always hears, and you and I don’t know God’s timing.”

For more information on Choose2, or to order materials, go to IBSA.org/Choose2.

Last Published: June 6, 2013 2:39 PM
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