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Lunch and Learn 2018

lunch and learn pic 2017Join us from 11:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. every third Wednesday, January-November for a leadership equipping webinar series. These webinars are FREE and can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home or office. Click on the title to register for each webinar. 

Featured Speakers:
Jane Bishop is the founder and owner of Take the Next Step. She is a certified trainer for Basic Coaching Skills, Next Level Leadership and DISC trainer/assessor.

2017 Lunch and Learn Recordings available on request


January 17 - "What is Leadership Competency?"  Did you miss it? Listen here! - What are your core leadership competencies? Why is leadership competency important? This webinar will begin to explore answers to these questions and position participant to go deeper.

February 21 - "EQ: Self-Awareness...How it impacts/influences Leading Self" - Did you miss it? Listen here! This begins a four part series on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It has been said “the greatest distance in the world is 14 inches…from the mind to the heart.” The five keys of self-awareness will be discussed: Self-knowledge, Self-esteem, Self-assurance, Mindfulness, Inner attention.

NOTE: An online EQ assessment can be purchased that includes a 60 minute overview consultation by phone. Contact the leader, Jane Bishop, at jane@takethenextstepcct.com to purchase and schedule.

March 21 - "EQ: Self-Management...How it impacts/influences Conflict" - Did you miss it? Listen here. Part two of four part series on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This session discusses how to utilize the heightened self-awareness and apply to social awareness. Key factors will be identified to expand participants understanding of how what is seen/perceived relates to conflict resolution.

April 18 - "EQ: Social Awareness...How it impacts leadership"  - Part three of four part series on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). What if enhancing the EQ skill of social awareness could strengthen your leadership; i.e. your influence with others? For example, did you know that greeting someone by name is the most influential and doable step you can take? Participants will learn steps to developing social awareness.

May 16 - "EQ: Relationship Management...How it impacts building trust" - Part four of four part series on Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  The fourth skill of EQ, managing relationships, is significant for building relationships based on trust. All four skills of EQ enhances a persons effectiveness with life. Participants will be invited to begin their personal EQ plan.

June 20 - "Communicate to Connect" - “The biggest problem in communication is the assumption that it has taken place.” (George Bernard Shaw) In our fast paced culture, this is one of many assumptions made.  What would be the outcome of learning how to shift from focusing on delivering words to connecting with people?  Learn four basic skills of how to connect with others to be positioned to make the most of your individual skills and talents!

July 18 - "5 Skills that Empower Others" - Did you know that when a person believes they are empowered, they engage more effectively? Participants will be presented with an over view of five skills that can be learned and developed so they can be a better asset to those in their sphere of influence.

NOTE:  Go deeper with these skills and register for the one day Basic Coach Training in Springfield, IL, August 16 or 18. Contact Carmen Halsey, carmenhalsey@ibsa.org for details.

August 15 - "What's in a Plan? Best practices for planning" - “Prior planning prevents poor performance.”  This applies to any planning from personal schedules to meetings to events.  What if you had a “cheat sheet” of best planning practices? Participants will learn how executing the basics is very doable for any person of any planning experience. 

September 19 - "Leaders Eat Last" - Research proves that when we feel safe among our “group,” we thrive.  Principles from the book Leaders Eat Last by Simon Sinek, are overviewed to better understand how loyalty impacts teams and why some teams pull together and others do not.

October 17 - "Leadership Gap: What gets between you and your greatness?" - There is no shortage of conversations and commentary with leadership as the topic.  There is a shortage of leaders who have identified the gap between who they are and who they want to be.  Leaders may or may not ask themselves – what do I still need to learn – to be more effective.  Ask yourself this question: Do you lead with H.E.A.R.T (Humility, Empathy, Authenticity, Reliability, Trust)? Participate in the webinar to learn more.

November 21 - "FIVE" Where will you be in 5 days...5 weeks...5 months...etc.? - The trend of long range planning has decreased in our culture. The rapid changes in technology, alone, often dictate the range individuals and organizations plan.  However, thinking ahead is still viable for good decision making related to life.  This webinar will pose questions and provide steps to be better equipped to make decisions that impact your future!

Last Published: April 9, 2018 3:08 PM
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