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Praying for your Pastor: A 31-Day Calendar from Illinois Baptist State Association

Praying for your pastor
As part of Pastor Appreciation Month, the missionaries and staff of IBSA are praying specifically for the needs of our pastors in Illinois. We welcome you to join us in this season of prayer. The five weekends will focus on powerful preaching and personal restoration with the same texts and topics. For the weekdays, there are five general topics that are central to the pastor’s life, and a specific request for each day, all month long. This list is available here in a one-page calendar format.

The overall plan:

Every Saturday: Preaching
Fresh, focused preaching & power in pulpit
Eph. 6:19-20

Every Sunday: Restoration  
Marriage & family; Sabbath rest 
Psalm 128:3-4

Mondays: Leadership, vision and skills to guide the church

Tuesdays: Relationships, both personal and pastoral 

Wednesdays: Discipleship, deeper relationship with Christ and mentoring others  

Thursdays: Fellowship, from koinonia, meaning “partnership”

Fridays: Wellness, attention to the pastor’s physical and spiritual health

Here are the specific requests for the weekdays:

Monday, Oct. 2 (Leadership)
Vision for the church; skill in communicating
Prov. 29:18

Tuesday, Oct. 3 (Relationships)
Supportive personal friendships; making new friends, deepening existing relationships 
Prov. 17:17

Wednesday, Oct. 4 (Discipleship)
Growth as a disciple; time management of ministry, devotional life, sermon preparation, family
Eph. 5:15-16

Thursday, Oct. 5 (Fellowship)
Partnering with Christ through prayer, a deeper prayer life and time for prayer; “fellowship” in the New Testament derives from “partnership”   
Phil. 3:10

Friday, Oct. 6 (Wellness)
Clarity in his calling, renewed understand of his gifts and God’s purpose for his ministry 
2 Tim. 1:8-9

The Weekend: Powerful preaching, personal restoration

Monday, Oct. 9 (Leadership)
Growth as a leader, ability to make plans and lead in their fulfillment
1 Chron. 12:32

Tuesday, Oct. 10 (Relationships)
Building team relationships with church leaders
Eccles. 4:12

Wednesday, Oct. 11 (Discipleship)
Opportunity to mentor others, serve as role model especially for the men of the church
1 Tim. 4:11-12

Thursday, Oct. 12 (Fellowship)
Partnership with wife in ministry; that they may serve together joyfully
Rom. 16:3-4

Friday, Oct. 13 (Wellness)
Personal health, healthy lifestyle; development of good diet and fitness habits
1 Cor. 6:19

The Weekend: Powerful preaching, personal restoration

Monday, Oct. 16 (Leadership)
Spiritual discernment, growing in his ability hear from God
1 Kings 19:12

Tuesday, Oct. 17 (Relationships)
Opportunity to consistently meet lost people and to initiate gospel conversations; a place in community as a respected man of faith
2 Tim. 4:5

Wednesday, Oct. 18 (Discipleship)
Take initiative to disciple his family, serve as the spiritual leader at home
Eph. 6:4

Thursday, Oct. 19 (Fellowship)
Ability to forgive hurts, love his flock with a shepherd’s heart
Eph. 4:1-3

Friday, Oct. 20 (Wellness)
Provision from God for his finances, wisdom with money, and growth as a steward of God’s goodness
Luke 12:15

The Weekend: Powerful preaching, personal restoration

Monday, Oct. 23 (Leadership)
Growth in character and in the likeness of Christ; guarding his heart from sin
Titus 1:7-8

Tuesday, Oct. 24 (Relationships)
Protection from enemy, supportive relationship with the church body
1 Peter 5:8

Wednesday, Oct. 25 (Discipleship)
Deeper walk with Christ, as fed by a growing hunger for the Word
Psalm 119:105

Thursday, Oct. 26 (Fellowship)
Longevity in ministry, ability to endure the rigors and trials of the pastorate
Heb. 12:1

Friday, Oct. 27 (Wellness)
Personal attention to his soul, receiving and giving encouragement
2 Tim. 1:6-7

The Weekend: Powerful preaching, personal restoration

Monday, Oct. 30 (Leadership)
Lead the church in evangelism, growing a commitment to soul-winning
Acts 2:46-47; Prov. 11:30

Tuesday, Oct. 31 (Relationships)
Unity in the church body, commitment by the church to their shared vision and purpose 
1 Cor. 2:9-10

Last Published: September 27, 2017 5:04 PM
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