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Each issue of B-101 (Baptist 101) will be made available for download to share in IBSA churches.

B101 Article 1: The ScriptureArticle 1: The Scriptures
- 8x10 print version
- 11x17 print version

B101 Article 3Article 2, Section C: The Holy Spirit
- 8x10 print version
11x17 print version


B101 Article 5Article 5: Grace
- 8x10 print version is not available
- 11x17 print version

B101 Article 2, Section A: God, The FatherArticle 2, Section A: God, The Father
- 8x10 print version
- 11x17 print version


B101 God The SonArticle 2, Section B: God, The Son
- 8x10 print version
- 11x17 print version

Why 'Baptist' faith matters

“Baptist 101” was created to help clarify and reinforce what it means today to be Baptist, not just doctrinally, but also in cooperative missions endeavors and practical church matters. We hope it will help Illinois Baptists become more articulate proponents of Baptist, evangelical, Christian faith.

Read the entire text of the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message

Of course the autonomous nature of Baptist churches and people makes it impossible, even undesirable, to try and paint everyone with the same broad stroke. Baptists are a diverse group! But while we are not uniform, we are strangely, almost miraculously, unified. Our best understanding of the Bible has led us to stand, with humility and respect for others, on core Baptist beliefs and practices. If we believe these are important enough to protect and preserve for our children and grandchildren, then we must continue to understand them and articulate them for others. Across the centuries, now, and into the future, Baptist faith matters.

B101 is a special series of articles from the Illinois Baptist newspaper. The first volume was printed in the March 3, 2014 issue and will continue every three weeks for 17 more issues.

Read the most recent issue of B101 in the Illinois Baptist online

Read archived issues of B101 in the Illinois Baptist online archives

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