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Our offices are located at 3085 Stevenson Drive, Springfield, IL 62703. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 19247, Springfield, IL 62794-9247.

Our general phone number is (217) 786-2600. Contact staff directly by phone at (217) 391-3 and the person's extension or by fax at (217) 391-5 and the person's extension unless otherwise noted. Example: (217) 391-3108 to telephone Nate Adams or (217) 391-5108 to send him a fax.

All e-mail addresses are the person's first and last name (no spaces)  Example:

For questions about our website, e-mail Questions regarding the church position opening and resume databases should be directed to 

Churches seeking to affiliate with IBSA should e-mail for more information.

Contact Baptist Foundation of Illinois Doug Morrow (217) 391-3102 or Sheila Jessen (217) 391-3116.

Contact Baptist Children's Home and Family Services (618) 382-4164 or

Office of the Executive Director
Executive Director: Nate Adams, ext. 108
Executive Administrative Assistant: Sandy Barnard, ext. 107
Manager, Church Relationship: John Carruthers, ext. 110

Church Communications Team
Associate Executive Director and Editor, Illinois Baptist: Eric Reed, ext. 109
Managing Editor, Illinois Baptist: Meredith Flynn, ext. 120
Director, Communication Ministries: Lisa Sergent, ext. 119
Graphic Artist: Kris Kell, ext. 115
Multimedia Journalist: Andrew Woodrow, ext. 117
Ministry Assistant: Leah Honnen, ext. 127
Illinois Baptist:

Church Cooperation Team (formerly Business Team)
Associate Executive Director: Jeff Deasy, ext. 104
Director, Information Systems: Drew Heironimus, ext. 112
Accountant: Ashley Parsons, ext. 106
Bookkeeper: Kendra Jackson, ext. 111
Information Specialist: Carole Doom, ext. 113
Manager, Lake Sallateeska Baptist Camp: Philip Hall, (618) 336-5272
Manager, Streator Baptist Camp: Mike Young (815) 672-0084

Zone Consultants
Zone 1: Dale Davenport, and Steven Glover, (312) 805-3528
Zone 2: Joe Oliver, (224) 806-0431
Zone 3: SylvanKnobloch, (217) 391-3133
Zone 4: Brian McWethy, (815) 901-2767
Zone 5: Joe Gardner, (309) 369-1403
Zone 6: Sylvan Knobloch, (217) 391-3133
Zone 7: Bob Evaul, (618) 567-6170
Zone 8: Larry Rhodes, (618) 972-5683
Zone 9: Scott Foshie, (618) 615-9095
Zone 10: Stephen Williams, (618) 920--8545

Church Resources Team
Associate Executive Director: Mark Emerson, ext. 136
Associate Executive Director, Evangelism Ministries: Pat Pajak, ext. 129
Director, Specialized Missions Mobilization: Dwayne Doyle, ext. 134
Director, Missions Awareness: Carmen Halsey, ext. 143
Director, Leadership Development: Rich Cochran, ext. 131
Director, Student and Next Gen Ministries: Jack Lucas, ext. 135
Director, Worship and Church Music Ministries: Steve Hamrick, ext. 132
Ministry Coordinator: Barb Troeger, ext. 138
Ministry Assistant: Tammy Butler, ext. 124
Ministry Assistant: Linda Darden, ext. 137
Ministry Assistant: Debbie Muller, ext. 126

Church Planting Team
Associate Executive Director: Van Kicklighter, ext. 141
Catalyst, Suburban Church Planting (NE Region): Tim Bailey, (814) 221-4173
Catalyst, Church Planting (Central and Southern Region): Ken Wilson, (618) 697-1036
Director, Church Planting (CMBA, East Central, Fox Valley, Lake County and Three Rivers Associations): Vacant
Strategist African American Church Planting: Vacant
Director, Church Planting (Northwest associations): Vacant
Strategist, Church Planting (Gateway and Metro East Associations): Eddie Pullen, (618) 751-0695
Strategist, Church Planting (Fox Valley and Lake County Associations and Hispanic church planting): Jorge Melendez, (630) 710-3106
Catalyst, Second Generation Church Planting (NE Region): John Yi, (312) 608-0349
Ministry Assistant, Church Planting Ministries: Rachel Carter, ext. 101

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