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IBSA Regions

The Nominating Committee will consider these regions for twenty-four (24) of the members on the IBSA Board of Directors. According to the IBSA Constitution 7.3.1 “Twenty-four of the members shall be elected from six regions apportioned decennially by the Board of Directors and nine of the members shall be elected from the state at-large.

The associations are apportioned into 6 regions as indicated in the following list:

Region 1: Chicago Metro, Fox Valley, Lake County, Three Rivers

Region 2: Metro Peoria, North Central, Quad Cities, Sinnissippi, West Central

Region 3: Bay Creek, Capital City, Central, East Central, Macoupin, Rehoboth, Sandy Creek, Westfield

Region 4: Goshen Trail, Greater Wabash, Kaskaskia, Louisville, Olney, Palestine, Saline, Salem South

Region 5: Gateway, Metro East

Region 6: Antioch, Big Saline, Clear Creek, Franklin, Nine Mile, Union, Williamson

Nate Adams

Nate AdamsExecutive Director
(217) 391-3108

Sandy Barnard

Sandy BarnardExecutive Administrative Assistant
(217) 391-3107 

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee will review Board policy and recommend adjustments to insure efficient operations of Board and staff in order that the various segments of IBSA can effectively work together to achieve our mission, vision and goals

Resource Development Committee

The Resource Development Committee shall assist the Executive Director to gather and recommend distribution of resources to meet the mission, vision and goals of IBSA. It will assist in budget development, allocation of cooperative program resources, long range financial planning, and management of all IBSA facilities.

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee will work directly with the Executive Director to assess the needs of churches and associations, to establish and recommend to the Board of Directors mission, vision and goal statements, to assist the Board of Directors in identifying end results that are desired from IBSA activities and ministries, to asses the effectiveness of IBSA delivery of services, to recommend effective communciation channels and to recommend special ministry projects that will assist IBSA to accomplish its mission, vision and goals.

Credentials Committee

The Credentials Committee shall enroll all qualified messengers. It shall monitor enrollment by churches and dispense all official materials. It shall receive and review all petitionary letters, church constitutions, and operative documents, a statement of faith and other documents requested by the committee. It shall then make recommendations regarding churches requesting to cooperate with this Association. It shall be the responsibility of the Credentials Committee to count all ballots at the Annual Meeting.

Constitution Committee
The Constitution Committee shall review the Constitution annually. It shall submit a written report to the Association at the annual meeting containing an assessment of the work of the Association in light of constitutional and bylaw constraint and may include suggestions for adjustments. It shall consider and make recommendations on all proposed amendments to the Constitution. Interpretation of the Constitution shall be given upon request.
Resolutions and Christian Life Committee

The Resolutions and Christian Life Committee shall prepare and submit to the Association, at its annual meeting, all resolutions, which it deems appropriate for adoption, and report on all matters submitted to it by the Association, with or without recommendations or amendments. All proposed resolutions shall be referred to the Resolutions and Christian Life Committee no later than the second session of the annual meeting.

Committee on Order of Business

The Committee on Order of Business shall suggest a program including an order of business for the annual meeting. It shall provide time for the introduction of matters requiring a vote not scheduled on the agenda, and shall fix a time for the consideration of the same. The Committee shall recommend the time and place for the annual meeting three (3) years in advance. The Committee shall recommend a speaker for the annual sermon for the Association?s succeeding annual meeting.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall nominate members to the Boards. If vacancies occur between annual meetings, nominations of prospective members for said vacancies shall be made by the Nominating Committee to the appropriate Board for approval. While serving on the Nominating Committee, members shall be ineligible for nomination to the Boards.

Historical Committee

The Historical Committee shall procure and preserve historical records.

Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees shall nominate to the Association in the annual meeting, persons for membership on all standing and ad hoc committees authorized by the Association with the exception of the Committees of the Board of Directors and Boards of Trustees. The Committee on Committees shall annually nominate persons to fill all vacancies. No church shall have more than one (1) member of an elected standing committee mentioned in Section 1 under Committees of the Association at the same time with no more than two (2) different members from one church on all stated committees. A member of a committee moving to a church which has a member on that same committee or two (2) members on all stated committees shall resign. Officers of the Association are excepted. If vacancies occur on a Standing Committee between annual meetings, nominations of prospective members for said vacancies shall be made by the Committee on Committees to the Board of Directors of the Illinois Baptist State Association for approval. While serving on the Committee on Committees, members shall be ineligible for nomination to other standing Committees of the Association.

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