As part of the 2023 IBSA Annual Meeting, we are encouraging messengers to bring items to bless several ministries in Illinois. Our goal is to fill buckets with items that have been requested by these ministries to meet needs and ensure our partners have additional resources to bless those they serve.

We have received request lists from Angels’ Cove, Pathways Counseling, the Baptist Children’s Home Pantry, GraceHaven, and the Christian Activities Center

While partnering with Pastor Jonathan de la O of Starting Point Community Church during the Chicago Serve Tour, IBSA staff witnessed the church body serve immigrant families with love and compassion. This act of worship prompted IBSA to promote putting together Immigrant Care Packets to meet basic needs. Please collect items from the list and send them with your messengers to the IBSA Annual Meeting. We’ll fill and distribute Buckets of Blessings showing once again how Illinois Baptist care for children and desire to bless in Jesus’ name.

IBSA will seek to make buckets available at Baptist Associational Annual Meetings. You can download a list below. If you don’t have a bucket, bring your items to the IBSA Annual Meeting and we will package them for you. 

As a network of churches on mission we can impact many!

Pathways Counseling

Pathways Counseling offers licensed clinical services to children, individuals, couples and families. Utilizing your strengths, our professionally licensed therapists will help you overcome your challenges and achieve personal goals. We understand that every person is unique with differing life experiences, struggles and patterns. With that in mind, we tailor each counseling session to meet your individual needs.

For a complete/printable list of items for Pathways Counseling, download the flier HERE.

Christian Activity Center

The Christian Activity Center exists to prepare youth in East St. Louis for successful futures: spiritually, academically, and physically.

For a complete/printable list of items for the Christian Activity Center, download the flier HERE.

Immigrant Care Packets

There are currently 22 police stations in the city of Chicago housing approximately 600 - 1,000 immigrants. Local churches have responded, but they need our help. Resources are dropped off on a bi-weekly basis to men, women, and children, some of which are either new arrivals, transfers, or have been living at the station for up to 3 months.

For a complete/printable list of items for the Immigrant Care Packets, download the flier HERE

Baptist Children's Home Pantry

Baptist Children’s Home in Carmi, IL offers residential care and treatment to youths with behavioral challenges. BCH Residential Care offers youths a whole community of people who are dedicated to helping them grow and reach their full potential. We are more than a group home, we are committed Christian professionals who share a passion for restoring families.

For a complete/printable list of items for the Baptist Children’s Home Pantry, download the flier HERE.

Angels Cove

Angels’ Cove provides resources for pregnant women and their children. Services include residential housing, prenatal care provided by SSM Good Samaritan Hospital, parenting education, counseling, family care, aftercare, and spiritual opportunities. Mothers of all ages at any point during their pregnancy are eligible for the program. Acceptance to the Angels’ Cove Maternity Care program is based upon our ability to meet the applicant’s needs and her willingness to abide by the program.

For a complete/printable list of items for Angels’ Cove, download the flier HERE.


GraceHaven Pregnancy Resource Clinic offers free services to clients seeking support with an unplanned pregnancy. GraceHaven’s purpose is to provide compassionate and comprehensive support and information about pregnancy, sexual health and life.

For a complete/printable list of items for GraceHaven, download the flier HERE.