The gospel never changes and the church still stands.

So how do we restart ministry to advance the gospel?

Click each category below for resources and opportunities to help your church thrive:

Season 1: ChurchStrong

This free 7 lesson self-guided online course will challenge you to re-imagine a new vision for your church in this new season, and help equip you with the skills necessary to lead your church into the right changes for this post-COVID reality.


ARTICLE: Reasons Kids Returning Need Extra Care
PODCAST: 10 Goals as you Relaunch your Kids Ministry 
Ebook: 4 VBS Strategies for This Summer
ARTICLE: 10 Attributes of an Unshakeable Kids Ministry
Child Protection: Creating safe environments
GUIDE: How to Make Safety and Security Policies for Your Church



WEBSITE: Lifeway’s Site for Pastor Resources
REPORT: Communications Engagement for a Post-COVID World
ARTICLE: U.S. Churchgoers Say They’ll Return Post-COVID 
ARTICLE: We’re All Start-Ups Now
VIDEO: Three Types of Leaders in Your Church


PODCAST: Building bridges between Kids & Student Ministry
WEBSITE: Youth Ministry Booster 
ARTICLE: 7 Things You Cannot Forget to Do at Your Next Face-to-Face Meeting
GUIDE on how to do Bible Study Before (and After) COVID


PODCAST: DISCIPLEology discipleship
WEBSITE: Restarting Groups
VIDEO: Recruiting and Training Teachers (free w/ registration)
PODCAST: Group Answers Podcast
ARTICLE: Rebounding from COVID-19


FREE: Who’s Your One Kit
PODCAST: Evangelism with Johnny Hunt
ARTICLE: Post-Quarantine Gospel Impact
Simply Sharing Jesus Guides from Billy Graham Assn
VIDEO: Gospel Presentations for Kids


IMB Missions Prayer Guides  
Answers to common questions 
Illinois Baptist Disaster Relief


COURSE: Caring Well
ARTICLE: COVID-19 and Member Faith
COURSE: Ministry to First-Time Guests


LifeWay Generosity- Online Giving
Digital Church Kit on Generosity
ARTICLE: Will COVID-19 be the end of the church collection plate?