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How will you encourage support for missions in Illinois?

Please encourage your church to pray and give to support missions through the Illinois Baptist State Association. After all, missions in Illinois are our responsibility. Churches will receive the MIO promotion kit in August to begin planning their mission studies and prayer events.

You can lead the Offering & Week of Prayer using your MIO Kit in 10 Simple Steps

1. Recruit leaders. Share these materials with your team. Look for the MIO Kit in your church office. Share the materials with your team. Note: Kits were packed and mailed from the IBSA Building in Springfield Monday, June 27.

2. Download fresh ideas. Stir your team’s creativity with resources for worship, prayer, or missions events. IBSA.org/MIO 

3. Save the date. Many churches will use September 13-20. 

4. Set the goal. The need is greater than ever.  Consider $10 per resident member, or 10% above last year’s offering. The statewide goal is $475,000.

5. Publicize, publicize. Starting four weeks before the offering, in bulletins, newsletters, e-mail, and with posters. 

6. Get social media talking. Post the Promo Video on your Facebook page, tweet it, show it in worship. 

7. Show the videos. Use one per week in several worship services, or plan one big mission study event and show all the videos. 

8. Pray. Pray in worship services. Plan a special prayer meeting for Illinois missions. Encourage attenders to use the printed MIO 31-Day Prayer Guide. To order additional 31-Day Prayer Guides e-mail MissionIllinois@IBSA.org.

9. Distribute the MIO Bulletin Insert and Offering Envelopes on the first Sunday of the emphasis week. To order additional envelopes and bulletin inserts e-mail MissionIllinois@IBSA.org. Note: Bulletin inserts will be mailed to churches by mid-August.

10. Collect the offering. And keep on until you surpass your goal.


"I want my missions dollar to support the missions effectiveness of local churches.”
– Nate Adams, IBSA Executive Director


Questions & Answers

Will our church’s participation make a difference?
Illinois missionaries count on the annual offering for state missions. Our gifts through the Cooperative Program support ministry around the world, with 43.25% of CP offerings in Illinois going to SBC missions outside Illinois. But there’s a lot of work to be funded locally that isn’t covered by CP gifts. By giving to the Mission Illinois Offering, we support ministry that’s important to us here in Illinois. 

Who supports this offering?
Currently about half of IBSA churches participate. If every one of our 1,000 churches joined in, our impact for the Gospel would be immeasurable. The statewide offering goal is $475,000. We believe everyone should give, because missions in Illinois is the responsibility of Baptists in Illinois.

How will the money be used?
All the money stays here in Illinois. These gifts support salaries of church planters, missionaries, leadership trainers. The offering also supports campus ministries across the state, provides ministry supplies and equipping for church leaders, and helps mobilize missions volunteers.

Donate to the Mission Illinois Offering

To donate to the Mission Illinois Offering, send check payable to payable to the Illinois Baptist State Association or IBSA to:

Illinois Baptist State Association
Attn: Mission Illinois Offering
P.O. Box 19247
Springfield, IL 62703

Please write "Mission Illinois Offering" on the memo line of your check.


"When churches need outside help, or training, or simply connection with other churches for missionary purposes, my MIO dollar is there to help the Baptist family work together." 
– Nate Adams, IBSA Executive Director


Why Mission Illinois?

As a state association of almost a thousand churches, we challenge one another every year to give a special offering in support of the Great Commission task we share here in Illinois. But if you’re like me, someone appeals to you every month, perhaps every day, to give to a different need or cause. How do you decide what to prioritize in your giving? What deserves your most loyal and generous support? Let me share what I try to communicate consistently about why I give generously to the Mission Illinois Offering, and why I urge others to do the same. Read why

Two great questions, two great answers

A pastor recently wrote to IBSA Executive Director Nate Adams to ask a couple of questions about the state missions offering. The questions were excellent and so were the answers. We think they may help you as you explain to your congregation why we support the Mission Illinois Offering. Read them


“The way I look at it, when I give through the Mission Illinois Offering, I am giving to the health and strength of local churches right here in Illinois." 
– Nate Adams, IBSA Executive Director


Customize your church's Mission Illinois emphasis using any (or all) of these video resources.


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