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Calling a new pastor is not easy. Neither is finding the right fit when it’s time for a change in ministry. IBSA stands ready to help pastors and churches during times of transition. We provide guidance and training to pastor search teams from member churches. Churches searching for their next pastor or staff member can advertise online and in print, and pastors can find current ministry openings within the state and region.

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Pastor search
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The IBSA provides an online job board to help connect churches with potential pastors and ministry staff. Churches and Job Seekers: Post and Search Here!

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Illniois baptist

The Illinois Baptist prints free 4-to-5-line classified ads for IBSA churches. Please e-mail your name, church name, ministry position opening, mailing address, web and/or e-mail address, and telephone number. SBC churches outside Illinois are charged a rate of 35 cents per word for classified advertising.

Ads will appear for two consecutive issues.The Illinois Baptist is published on the first day of each month. Ads must be reserved two weeks before publication and received two weeks before publication. For additional information, e-mail

looking for a pastor? We can help.

IBSA wants to help your newly formed pastor search team or committee approach their task wisely, prayerfully, and successfully. We created a seven-session training course to help your church, from grieving the loss of your previous pastor all the way to welcoming your new pastor and setting him up for success.

The sessions are available to work through on your own or with the help of an IBSA-trained guide. Watch this introduction to the course from Nate Adams and Mark Emerson:

Please also feel free to email for questions on how this course might help your pastor search team. More questions? Call (217) 786-2600.

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