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Upcoming Worship and Music Events

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April 10-11 - Worship Resource Conference, IBSA

April 18-19 - All State Youth Choir Retreat

July 13-17 - Summer Worship University

July 18-24 - All State Youth Choir Mission Trip

Summer Worship University

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July 13-17 at Hannibal LaGrange University
Registration will be up soon

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About Worship and Church Music Ministries

To the praise of His Glorious Grace (Ephesians 1:6)

The purpose of the IBSA's Worship and Church Music Ministries is to equip and encourage individual leaders, churches, and associations to fulfill the God-given mandate to worship Him in spirit and in truth using a wide variety of worship arts including music, drama, visual art, and media in order to lead believers in worship and draw non-believers (seekers or lost) to salvation.

The Church Strengthening Team will be coming to your area through regional Churches of Strength Conferences.

Many of us are on Facebook, so we have made an Illinois Baptist Worship Leaders page for blogging and affinity. If you need more details about any event, please do not hesitate to call Debbie at (217) 391-3126 or Steve at (217) 391-3132.

We seek to train and encourage leaders to use music more effectively as a gospel tool to reach people for Christ and build more passionate disciples and worshippers. It is our zeal to teach that worship is not a style but an experience with God by establishing, enlarging, and improving the quality of worship and the music ministry in the local church.

To accomplish these ministry goals, we will offer worship leader's retreats which will train and encourage full-time, part-time, and volunteer worship leaders in available literature, worship trends, problem solving and team building. The Illinois Baptist Singing Men will serve as not only a performance organization designed to give Illinois church musicians an opportunity to sing together, but will offer a network for fellowship and skill building.

Future leaders will be trained via Summer Worship University, All-State Choir and Mission tour, instrumental and vocal workshops. We want to serve and encourage you in accomplishing your God-given mandate to reach the lost and strengthen the church.
Blessings, Steve Hamrick


Worship Resource Conference

April 10-11
Friday Night, 7 - 10 p.m.
Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m.

IBSA Building, Springfield
Cost: $10 includes lunch

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Music, praise and worship leaders are invited to come add to your church's music ministry at this cutting-edge training. Our conference features quality presenters from LifeWay, IBSA and Music Ministers from across Illinois. Every participant will receive a gift full of Music Ministry resources! 

There will be specific training in:

  • Theology in Worship
  • Songwriting from Scripture; Jonathan Martin

  • Christ exalting Worship; Jonathan Martin (for Pastors and WL)

  • Vocal Training for Worship Leading and Team Singing (one class repeated); Emily Martin

  • Building a Disciple-Making (music) Ministry; Slater Murphy (for Pastors and WL)

  • Guitar Listening Session; (one class repeated) Grayson Lilly

  • All Things Keyboard: Slater Murphy

  • B.A.S.I.C.M. Basic Instruction Specifically in Church Music; Steve Hamrick (one class repeated) 

Contact CathyWaters@IBSA.org for additional information.

Friday Worship Schedule, April 10 

7-7:20 p.m.      Singing Churchmen of Illinois

7:25-7:45         A Biblically Balanced Theology of Worship; Slater Murphy

7:45-8:15         Jonathan and Emily Martin 

8:15-8:45         Grayson Lilly and Angela


Saturday Schedule, April 11 

 9-9:25 a.m.     Opening Session  

 9:30-10:30      Plenary Session: Doug Munton, The Doxology and Theology of Worship

10:30-10:45     Break

10:45-11:45     Breakout Session One 

12-1 p.m.         Lunch provided by IBSA

 1-2                  Breakout Session Two 

 2:30- 3            Panel Discussion

All State Youth Mission Choir 2015

Auditions for youth interested in joining the All State Youth Choir will be open till Feb 27.

Please filled out the form and send it in with your audition or email both to SteveHamrick@IBSA.org.

Auditioning Requirements and Procedures

The 2015 audition requirements are greatly changed for returning All Staters beginning this year.  Because the purpose of the audition is to give the audition team the opportunity to listen to and evaluate the musical level and vocal tone of the student, it is not necessary for the returning student to perform the musical portion of the audition each year.  So beginning this year (2015) students will only have to audition once for their journey with the choir.   Each student, new or returning, MUST still get a recommendation form signed by his or her pastor or music leader and turn in all paperwork and deposits.  For the returning All Stater, the paperwork and financial deposits will be all that is required to “make” the choir.  I reserve the right to change this in future years if it does not work well.

For new students to IBSA All State Mission Choir, you will be required to audition for the choir so we will be able to know your ability to sing parts, blend, and sing on pitch.  Auditions procedures for new students will be similar to the past years.  There will be two required songs plus a solo of your choice. The two required songs for 2015 (see below) are “A Mighty Fortress” by Christi Knockles and “Joy Has Dawned” by Keith and Kristen Getty.  Performing with the track or live accompaniment (your choice), you will sing the first verse in unison and then sing harmony on the next verse if you are an alto, tenor or bass. Sopranos will sing the melody on both verses.  For your solo, you may choose a song within your voice range.  I would prefer it to be a Christian or classical song, not a current “pop” song.  If there is a particular reason why you need to audition on a pop song, you should call me and get permission first.  You can record it using an accompaniment track, someone playing the accompaniment or you can play the accompaniment on keyboard or guitar yourself.  You will get extra credit if you can accompany yourself on the prepared solo.

If you record the audition yourself here is an easy way to do it.  Download the trax from below to your computer and burn it to a CD.  When you are ready to record the audition, play the CD from a stereo or jam box and record it on the computer using your built in microphone.  After the recording is done, listen to it to make sure that I can hear your voice clearly (I don’t really need to hear the accompaniment, mostly your voice).  E-mail, Dropbox or SugarSync the files to me at SteveHamrick@IBSA.org. Please be sure to state your name, grade, your church name and location at the beginning of each song you record. 

Snail mail the forms and the $10 processing fee to:

               IBSA Worship

               3085 Stevenson Dr.

               Springfield IL 62703

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of recording the audition yourself, you have the option of attending a live audition. Live auditions will be Saturday January 24, 2015 at the following Baptist church locations:  Dorrisville in Harrisburg, Emmanuel in Lemont, and Rochester FBC near Springfield.  If you can’t make the live audition you can make an appointment with me and audition at the Baptist Building during a time that is convenient for both of us.  You will come prepared to sing the two required pieces and your solo plus the form below. The leader of the live audition will record you at the live audition site and then send me a copy of the audition along with your fee and paperwork.  Remember, there is a $10 processing fee and paperwork required to complete all auditions, whether live or recorded.

I will let you know by February 28 whether you have been invited to participate with the choir.  Those invited will be sent a packet with more information about the trip.

Although the exact location of the summer trip is still being worked out, I am please to announce that Brad Newbold, Dean of Students at Hannibal LaGrange University (and long time minister of music at FBC St. Charles MO) will be our director for 2015. His wife Janis will be our accompanist.

Steve Hamrick

Steve Hamrick 2013Director, Worship and Church Music Ministries
Church Strengthening Team
(217) 391-3132

Debbie Muller

Debbie Muller Ministry Assistant
 Church Resouces Team
 (217) 391-3126

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