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Church Technology Conference 2018

CHurch Technology(1)

February 17, 2018                 
IBSA Building, Springfield      
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Cost: $15

Welcome to the digital age. Using technology in your ministry can be a challenge or a blessing depending on how well you know the media with which you are working. The Church Technology Conference will provide training in several areas of technology. This conference is designed for both staff and lay volunteers.

List of Sessions

The cost is only $15 and includes lunch. Register your team early - this conference fills to capacity each year.

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If you need to arrive on Friday night, here is a list of nearby hotels:
Wingate (Shares a parking lot with IBSA)
3185 S. Dirksen Pkwy.
Springfield, IL  62703
Phone: (217) 529-1100
IBSA Rate: $89 +tax
Country Inn and Suites
3092 Stevenson Dr.
Springfield, IL  62703
Phone: (217) 544-5151
Drury Inn
3180 S. Dirksen Pkwy.
Springfield, IL  62703
Phone: (217) 529-3900
2018 Church Technology Conference Sessions

For Pastors, Musicians, Sound, Video, Lighting and tech team personnel, church secretaries and others involved in technology in the church. Musicians bring your instrument for a lab band using in ear technology, stims, loops etc.

  • Sound from beginning to digital Midwest Music (Alex Techlinburg and Chris Parton) 6 sessions
    • Basic sound boards
    • Advanced mixing
    • Digital boards
    • In-Ear monitors
    • Click tracks and loops
    • Gear and cool stuff
    • Intro to Ableton software
  • Lighting (John Hume)
    • Basic digital stage lighting for churches: (gear and operation); DMX and LED’s
    • Lighting, It’s Not Just for Show Anymore (purpose)
  • Planning Center Online (John Hume)
    • Introduction of a software tool for communication, worship planning, music, media, lighting, timing, and more.
  • Video Projection (Greg Braswell)
    • Intro to Video Projection
    • More advance video using ProPresenter 6
  • Worship Technology for the Small Church (Steve Hamrick)
    • Leading Worship without Musicians
    • Streaming and church copyright information.
  • Church Communication (Lisa Sargent)
    • Guidelines for Effective Church Communication)
    • Introduction to Social Media
  • Church Software (Josh Henry)
    • Introduction to Church Software
    • Introduction to Online Giving
    • Drilling into Simplychurch.com
  • Technology for Pastors (Rich Barnett)
    • Effective Digital Communications for Pastors
    • Apps for iPad and phone for Pastors
  • Overview of Lifeway Self-Guided Training and Technologies (TBA: One class repeated 3 times)
    • Overviews of lifewayworship.com; smallgroup.com; ministrygrid.com; mywsb.com
All State Youth Choir 2018

The IBSA All-State Youth Choir provides students grades 9-12 2018 All State Choir to Canadaan opportunity to use their musical gifts in service to the Lord through singing and missions. The 2018 choir will be filled with Baptist students from Illinois and neighboring states. The choir is composed of students from varying backgrounds and cultures. While the All-State Choir provides an excellent opportunity for all students to be involved in a worship ministry, it is particularly beneficial for a homeschooler, a student from a small church that has little or no music ministry, a student that is gifted in worship leadership or wants further training, or for those interested in using the tool of music to share the gospel. The choir will be led by adults from Illinois Baptist churches who have been background checked and carefully screened, offering a safe environment for the participant.

You will find information below on the timeline, audition requirements, and general information for the 40th anniversary 2018 IBSA Allstate Mission Choir. It will be a special year as we minister between Illinois and Toronto, Canada in 2018.

Time Line:

  • Open auditions: now through February 28, 2018, although please do not wait until the last minute! See below for easy audition procedures.
  • Required retreat: April 21, 8:30 AM to April 22, noon. First Baptist Church of Waterloo.
  • Summer Worship University at Hannibal-LaGrange University, July 9-13 (Preparation for the tour during SWU).
  • Mission Tour. July 14-20, 2018. The choir will sing and minister in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Canada during the week.
  • Homecoming concert on July 20, 2018 at the IBSA building in Springfield, 7:00 PM.

Simple Audition Procedures:

  • Complete the musical audition procedure below.
  • Have your pastor or music leader fill out a recommendation form as to your character.
  • Complete a commitment card.

Important Information:

  • Because the trip is longer in distance and prices are higher in Canada, the cost of the retreat, SWU and Allstate choir is estimated at $850 per student. There may be some additional expenses for meals while traveling and for some yet-foreseen miscellaneous costs.
  • New students will need to purchase an All-State music folder ($20) and a polo shirt uniform ($20). Each student will receive two tee shirts as part of their registration fees.
  • Because Canada is a foreign country, each student MUST have a valid passport ($110) or a valid passport card ($30). Here is a link: https://travel.state.gov/content/passports/en/passports.html. If the student fails to obtain the passport or card, they will not be allowed on tour. Sometimes it takes several months to process the passport. Please start soon!
  • IBSA offers a 10% discount to families with multiple choir members. Also, any parent or choir member who successfully recruits a new choir member (who makes the choir and pays regular price) will receive a $100 discount. I realize raising money for a mission trip is difficult, but between the students, parents, churches, or Sunday school classes, we have not had a single student who could not participate because of finances.

If you have additional questions about the trip or audition, please contact me at stevehamrick@ibsa.org or call 217-391-3132. More details about the trip will be provided as elements are confirmed through the year.

Audition form  - print and mail to IBSA

Audition information sheet

Songs to use for the audition:

MP3s: O Praise the Name Bb low and O Praise the Name in C high

PDFs: O Praise the Name sheet music

Worship and Technology Resources

Books I recommend:

Cherry, Constance M., Mary Markham Brown, and Christopher T. Bounds. Selecting Worship Songs: A Guide for Leaders. Marion, IN: Triangle Publishing, 2011.

This book is a must have in any worship leader’s library. It provides an objective way to evaluate songs for worship by examining the theology, lyrics, and tune.

Best, Harold M. Unceasing Worship: Biblical Perspectives on Worship and the Arts. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity Press, 2003.

Harold Best writes how worship is unceasing; both in heaven and in the believer’s life. It is a must read for professional and volunteer worship leaders.

Cherry, Constance M. The Worship Architect: A Blueprint for Designing Culturally Relevant and Biblically Faithful Services. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2010.

An architect is concerned with planning foundation, structure, form, and beauty, likewise, a worship leader needs a biblical process of building a worship service. The Worship Architect provides leaders with ideas to help believers encounter God through music, prayer, and Scripture.

Links to Websites:

MusicTheory.net is a free on-line music tutorial that teaches note reading, ear training, scales, intervals, chords, and keyboard and fretboard note identification.

Lifewayworship.com is one of the best places to purchase worship music at a reasonable cost. When purchasing a song, the user can choose from vocal or instrumental music, lead sheets, mp3’s, multitrax, and even powerpoint. The music and tracks are available instantly and delivered digitally.

Songselect.com is a service that makes thousands of copywrited songs available in any key. For a yearly membership fee between $54 and $189, the user can download lyrics, chord sheets and vocal sheets in any key. The arrangements are not as good as the lifeway site above, but you can make as many copies as you want and print them in any key you need. The site has gospel, hymns, and most current worship songs.

How-to Articles and Documents that I Created:

Blog on becoming a Servant Leader

Blog on Avoiding Worship Interruptions

Top Ten Questions about Worship Music

Worship Leaders positions:

Finding a Part-Time Worship Leader

Compiled job descriptions for worship pastors/leaders Just some suggestions if you are looking for job descriptions, I have collected a few.

A Great Book for Personal Devotion:

Guinness, Os, Virginia Mooney, and Karen Lee-Thorp, eds. Steering Through Chaos: Vice and Virtue in an Age of Moral Confusion. The Trinity Forum study series. Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2000.

Quality Music Providers:


Praisecharts.com offers excellent quality and a wide selection of contemporary worship songs. Most of the downloadable arrangements are faithful transcriptions of the original cover.


Offers dozens of free blogs, podcasts, and how-to’s. In addition, the paid portion of the site offers skill development for vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums as well as tutorials on playing riffs from certain current CCM songs. I keep a running subscription with thirty seats for our state worship leaders. Although all the seats are currently filled, contact me for the next available free seat. 

Technology Resources:

Book for Sound System Operators

Blog: Seven Ways to put the word “Clear” in Clear Communication

Worship Planning: PCO is the industry standard in worship planning and church office software. Planning center allows leaders to plan detailed services and attach resources then distribute them to participants. The plan starts at $18.00 per month

Planning Center On Line

PCO Services provides tutorials for PCO.

ProPresenter Tutorials:  ProPresenter 6 Free Basic Training

Basic Training from Steve Hamrick: VIMEO and IBSA.org/worship

Free tutorial training on the Bahringer X-32 Digital board

Resource for inexpensive audio and video supplies, especially cables.

Book for Sound System Operators

Soundman Aptitude Test. A great way to see if volunteers have ear needed to run the sound system of your church.

I own a copy at IBSA.

Free Bible Study and Wordsearch software

Worship Resources for a Small Church with a Small Budget
Relevent Resources for Worship

LifeWay Worship


Worship Backing Band

I-Sing Worship

Finding a Part Time Worship Leader





Worship MD is site for technical ministries training.

Embedding a music track into Powerpoint for congregational singing
Top 10 Questions About Music and Worship

Watch our panel discussion with Steve Hamrick, Dale Jones, John Hume, Greg Braswell, and Justin Falloon as they discuss major questions that arise in worship planning and execution.

  1. How can I make our service more relevent/contempory?
  2. Should we go to two different services?

Where can we find good musical resources for worship?

Should our church go to two services?

How to introduce a new song in worship?

Steve Hamrick

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 Church Resources Team
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