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Your education to pastoral ministry may have been through seminary. You may have learned it from a trusted mentor. Or you may have simply figured it out “on the job.”  No matter your training, you’ve discovered that there is always more to learn. With the changing dynamics of culture and less uniformity in approaches to church ministry, pastoral leadership is more challenging than ever.

We supply online and in-person resources to help you keep growing to meet today’s needs.

online resource center

You need help right now. Our new online resource center provides instant help with ministry’s most frequent challenges. This new, searchable online library will contain tools to help you navigate today’s challenges in church and pastoral ministry. From downloadable documents, to articles, to videos, the resource center will continually add new tools.

Search for answers to your ministry needs at IBSA’s Online Resource Center HERE.

regional and online trainings

The life of a pastor is busy, so IBSA brings training to you to help you grow in the skills that matter most. We offer online trainings in areas like change leadership, making disciples, preaching skills, and working with deacons. Regional trainings bring in-person opportunities to grow in practical ministry skills and make helpful contacts with IBSA staff and other pastors from Illinois.

See the calendar below for scheduled regional trainings or find online trainings by visiting the IBSA Online Resource Center HERE.

Drake Caudill teaching

For the pastor podcast

Coming in 2024, a new IBSA podcast to encourage and equip pastors. Hear stories of ministry calling, soul care, and pastoral leadership from Illinois Baptist pastors and national leaders from within the SBC.

Watch for episodes on your favorite podcast app beginning in January of 2024. 



Whether it’s a night out, a weekend away, or a journey, we want to help you step outside the walls of your ministry and rejuvenate.


Ministry can be lonely. Pastors need each other. We provide local and regional opportunities to connect with other pastors.


Seminary couldn’t teach you everything. We supply online and in-person resources to help you keep growing to meet today’s challenges.


Don’t suffer in silence. When you feel overwhelmed, we can help. We care about your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

leadership development resources

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