Get Healthy

A church’s overall health and effectiveness is directly tied to the health and effectiveness of its pastor. Half of pastors say the stresses of ministry are greater than they can handle. Before a pastor decides it would be easier to move on to a new ministry or chooses to leave ministry altogether, we are here to help. 

Counselor and pastor

no cost counseling

Pathways, a counseling ministry of the Baptist Children’s Home and Family Services, offers 6 counseling sessions at no cost to IBSA pastors and wives. Pathways counselors are licensed professionals who will listen and help you work through concerns and plan for your future. All Pathways counselors are Christians working from a place of grace and confidentiality. Appointments are scheduled at locations throughout the state or online through telehealth services.

To schedule your confidential appointment call (618) 382-4164 ext. 3100

assessments and coaching

IBSA Church Health staff are trained in assessments and coaching to help pastors when they feel stuck.  Based on 1 Peter 5:1-2, pastoral assessments focus on  3 biblically prescribed areas of pastoral leadership: wise elder, skilled overseer, and transformational shepherd. Your coach will develop and review a plan with you based upon the strengths and weaknesses shown in your assessment. Over the next 6-12 months you will meet for about an hour per week to work through your growth plan.

Contact Health Team Leader, Scott Foshie at to learn more. 

a friend to listen

Your IBSA staff are experienced in church ministry and have a deep care for pastors. They understand the challenges pastors face and are just a phone call away. And with zone consultants serving in ten regions of our state, you have a caring IBSA partner nearby.

Learn more about local zone consultants HERE or talk to IBSA Health Team Leader, Scott Foshie, at (217) 391-3122.



Whether it’s a night out, a weekend away, or a journey, we want to help you step outside the walls of your ministry and rejuvenate.


Ministry can be lonely. Pastors need each other. We provide local and regional opportunities to connect with other pastors.


Seminary couldn’t teach you everything. We supply online and in-person resources to help you keep growing to meet today’s challenges.


Don’t suffer in silence. When you feel overwhelmed, we can help. We care about your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

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