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cohort groups and gatherings

C.S. Lewis wrote that friendship begins with the phrase, “What? You too? I thought I was the only one.” Seventy precent of pastors report not having a close friend. Regular pastor cohort groups and regional events designed to hear and encourage pastors help pastors know they are not alone.

Hispanic pastors talk

Cohort groups

IBSA is seeking to invite pastors into transformational groups to promote leadership development, spiritual support, and mutual encouragement. We envision these transformational groups to offer pastors a “band of brothers” to combat the feelings of pastoring alone. The majority of these groups will be in person and regional, but some will be offered virtual for those in more remote areas or where travel is difficult.

For more information on participating in a transformational cohort please contact

multiply hubs

Join this gathering designed to help pastors and leaders take their churches to the next level by providing proven best-practices to accelerate a movement of growing, healthy, thriving churches. 

What to expect: 

  • Explore proven strategies: Gain insights from experienced practitioners and discover effective approaches to cultivate vibrant churches and ministries.
  • Connect with passionate peers: Network with fellow leaders, share experiences, and build a supportive network of encouragement and collaboration.
  • Deepen your knowledge: Engage in meaningful discussions and discover best practices and valuable resources to enhance your ministry.

Multiply IL is a collaborative space for growth and learning. It’s an opportunity to share and gain valuable insights that can empower you to lead your church with greater confidence and clarity. 

Check the calendar below for dates, details, and registration for a Multiply Illinois Hub near you.

Revive Pastor gathering Mt Vernon

pastor care events

In 2024 IBSA is partnering with local associations to catalyze care events for pastors and their wives. Planned and organized by local leaders, these events may come in the form of an overnight retreat, marriage enrichment event, or fellowship opportunity for all pastors in the association. Through partnerships between local association leaders and IBSA staff, we are working to build a brotherhood among Illinois Baptist pastors in every corner of the state. Associational leaders may apply for a grant by contacting

Check the calendar below for the date and details of a local pastor care event near you.

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Whether it’s a night out, a weekend away, or a journey, we want to help you step outside the walls of your ministry and rejuvenate.


Ministry can be lonely. Pastors need each other. We provide local and regional opportunities to connect with other pastors.


Seminary couldn’t teach you everything. We supply online and in-person resources to help you keep growing to meet today’s challenges.


Don’t suffer in silence. When you feel overwhelmed, we can help. We care about your mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

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